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"I need to get my daily dose of endorphins, and Zinger Fit gets me there. Through Kelly’s boundless enthusiasm, encouragement and expertise, I discovered a new love of exercise. The nature of the workouts allows you to start at your own fitness level and progress as you stay committed. Every workout routine changes daily, so I never get bored. Additionally, Kelly starts and ends on time, and I appreciate her respect for our time. The group size is capped to 8 women, and I enjoy the camaraderie of the shared experience. It’s the best way to start my day!”

- Ellen B

“I joined Zing almost 6 months ago, after I moved back to the area and I had been looking for a place to workout that offered challenging, intense workouts that were not repetitive. After my first workout with Kelly, I knew Zing fit was the perfect place for me. I started out two days a week but ended up getting into a daily routine and now I work out 6 days a week. Kelly does a great job to make everyone feel welcome, no matter your athletic ability. The women who workout at Zing are very friendly, welcoming and motivating, I have even made some new friends just from working out! I enjoy knowing that no two workouts will ever be the same and all I have to do is show up and work hard! I encourage anyone who is looking for a new gym or workout routine to give Zing fit a try. You don’t know what you missing until you try it out!”

- Alexis

“In mid December, I began working out with Kelly at Zing two times per week.  In just 6 weeks, I have noticed improvement in my strength and muscle tone.  Each work out is unique, yet fun.  Kelly does a great job providing modifications to suit your fitness level.  The group is small enough to ensure each of us is using correct form.  For several years, I have been looking for something to improve my overall conditioning, strength and fitness level.  This is it.  I always feel great after my work out.  Some days I am sore following a workout but it does not keep me from living my life unlike my experience with some other trainers or exercise programs.  I am the mother of three active children.  I don’t have time to gingerly walk down the stairs.  Because I am the mother of three children, I want to remain active and healthy so I am able to keep up with them.   Working out at Zing is fun, enjoyable and effective. It is exactly what I was seeking.  Every time I walk out of Zing, I have a smile on my face.”

-Suzie H.

“As a busy stay-at-home Mom to 3 small, beautiful and EXHAUSTING children, finding time to exercise can be difficult, especially when I start to find myself in an “exercise rut”.

You know the story…we’ve all been there.  You join a gym (or something of the sort), you absolutely love it for a few months, and then, suddenly, you start to get…well, BORED.  You no longer feel challenged, those last 5 pounds just won’t budge, you become frustrated and, at that point, you are ready to throw in the towel and say, “FORGET IT”.  Over the past few years I’ve tried just about everything.   I’ve joined a co-ed gym, hired a personal trainer, joined a gym tailored to Mom’s only…and the list goes on.  But, I always ended up right back where I started.

Flash forward to June 25th, 2012, when the exercise Gods finally answered my prayers!  When I heard that Kelly McQuade (aka world’s greatest trainer) was opening her very own women only, small group/personal training facility, I knew that this was the moment I had been longing for!  Kelly is simply AMAZING.  Her coaching background and passion for what she does put her above any trainer I’ve had in the past.  No workout is EVER the same, which means that dreaded “exercise rut” doesn’t even exist at Zinger Fit.  Aside from Kelly herself, I love everything about Zinger Fit.  The workouts are very challenging, yet fun, and the small women-only groups are wonderful because we are all there to support one another…we’re a team!  I actually look forward to getting up to exercise 4 times a week now.  I am so grateful for Kelly McQuade and Zinger Fit!”

- Stuart Fisher

“Zinger Fit is a standing part of my morning routine because it fuels my day with energy and clarity. The small group circuit workouts are dynamic and diverse (strength training, cardio, speed work, flexibility, balance work, etc.) with different levels and modifications at each station. Each class, I learn something new and the well-rounded program gets results. Before I couldn’t even “remember” how to do a push-up and today I lost count of how many I did!  I can honestly say my experience at Zinger Fit is fresh and invigorating EVERY TIME thanks to our trainer, Kelly McQuade. Kelly meets you where you are and helps you become who you want to be!  For me, that is stronger and healthier.  Kelly’s kinesiology background helps me safely get the most out of my workout and the small group size allows for excellent personal attention. Best of all, is Kelly’s use of positive motivation and ability to recognize success (no matter how small) that creates an atmosphere of encouragement and achievement. Her warmth and professionalism engages the entire class and this creates a supportive group dynamic that puts me in a great mood every morning.  It’s fun fitness at its BEST and I am proud to call myself a Zinger!”

–Meghan Pearsall

“I was referred to Kelly at Zinger Fit by my husband and my best friend shortly after my son was born. I had the motivation, but I needed that extra push to get back to that pre-baby body. My goal was to be a healthy and active mom for my son and to feel good about myself again. What I found at Zinger Fit was so much more than I ever expected. Not only did I lose the weight and the inches, but I gained the confidence, energy, camaraderie and strength that I never even knew I was lacking. I absolutely love working out with Kelly and all the other girls! Plus, it can’t be a coincidence that Zinger Fit and my baby were born on the same day, right?!”

- Rachel Kelly

“Zinger Fit is the best place to work out in Richmond hands down! Kelly’s classes are a perfect balance of strength training and cardio that create a great overall workout. Before, when I went to a regular gym I struggled to get in a solid full body workout. There were always too many people and the equipment was too spread out. Even when I took the classes that the gym provided I found myself dissatisfied. There were often too many people in the class and I never received individual attention from the instructor. Now that I am at Zinger Fit I can finally relax and just focus on my workout.”