I’m going on vacation for two weeks, what happens with my account? 

You have two options for a pre-approved absence whether that be for work or play! If you are on an unlimited package, we can put your account on hold for the days you’ll be out of town. If you are on a 2 or 3x per week package, we can issue makeup classes or put your account on hold for the days you’ll be out of town. Please make sure you let Kelly know ahead of time so we can schedule your hold. 

What is a “late cancel”?

Late cancels are the worst. If you can avoid them, please do! A late cancel is any cancelation made within 6 hours prior to the start of class. Any unexcused late cancel will result in the following: If you are currently on a 2x or 3x per week or session based package, this cancelation is counted as a used class. If there was a waiting list on this class, you will be charged an additional $10. If you are on an unlimited package, you will be charged $10 for the missed class as well as an additional $5 if there was a waiting list.

My kid just threw up and I’m supposed to be at class in an hour, what do I do?

Life happens. We get it!  If you have an unavoidable absence, and aren’t in a true emergency, please text Kelly ASAP so she can try to fill the class last minute if there is a waiting list.  As long as you don’t make a habit of it, we will grant you some leeway with the cancellation policy.

I’m pregnant!! Now what?!

YAY! First of all, PLEASE let Kelly know (even if you aren’t telling people just yet, we want to keep you safe!). You may continue to do any style of our group training classes for as long as you feel comfortable (and as long as your doctor gives you the green light!). We will make the necessary modifications to keep you moving throughout your pregnancy while keeping you and your growing babe safe. When you’ve had enough, we can put your account on hold until you are cleared to return to exercise. At that point we will integrate you back into our group classes (or start back with some personal sessions if you’d prefer) while giving you modifications to make sure your healing body is being given the recovery it needs. 

Ok, great. Now I have a kid, how can I keep Zinging?

We offer COMPLIMENTARY babysitting on site!! We have a sitter Monday-Friday for the time slots between 7:45-10:30am. Simply sign yourself into the childcare class (multiple times for multiple kiddos).

I haven’t worked out in 10 years. Can I Zing?

YES! We have all levels of fitness in our classes and our instructors can offer any modifications you might need to safely complete the workout.

I’m currently in a boot. Can I participate in HIIT?

Sure can. Studies have shown that working the healthy side will result in a stronger injured side as well!  Again, we can provide modifications to keep you moving!  Contact Kelly if you have any specific needs or questions regarding workouts while recovering from an injury.